Kajiman: Iblis Terkejam Penagih Janji • Movie

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Asha is a nurse who has just lost her mother. With her mother gone, the only person Asha has is herself, and the bitter reality is hard for her to accept. Trying to move on with her life, Asha takes a job as a nurse for an elderly patient named Ismail, who suffers from a mysterious illness. But since then, Asha’s job has been disrupted by supernatural terror, and she often hears whispers from her mother’s spirit. To uncover the mystery, Asha seeks the help of her friend, Rama. Rama’s curiosity and concern for Asha drag him into a terrifying story. Unbeknownst to them, Asha and Rama’s fate is in jeopardy as they become trapped in a cult ritual of Kajiman, the cruelest demon worshipped through a Javanese incantation called “pesugihan”. According to Javanese beliefs, only the heir of Tuesday Kliwon can conquer Kajiman, but on the other hand, their existence is also hunted down by Kajiman’s followers to become a sacrificial offering. With time running out, Asha and Rama try to find a way out to free themselves from Kajiman’s grip and the terror of black magic.

Iblis Dalam Kandungan (2022) • Movie

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After 15 years of marriage and adopting two siblings, Alani and Vito, Amelia is finally pregnant. In order to take care of his wife who also suffers from high blood pressure, her husband, Verdi, changes jobs from Jakarta to a plantation company at the foot of Mount Salak. Problems arise when the hous