Eyang Putri (2021) • Movie

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Eyang Putri (2021) • Movie

Sinopsis: The strange tragedy that occurred at the house of Eyang (grandmother) Sri which harmed the children of the maid and nurse in the house, made her now live alone. Gendis, her grandchild, together with her husband and stepdaughter decide to live with Eyang and take care of her. The oddities and changes that occur to Eyang are more frequent and make Gendis even more afraid. Every night her behavior changes, sometimes laughing like a child, talking li …

Akad (2022) • Movie

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Akad (2022) • Movie

Sinopsis: Mr Abdi (Mathias Muchus) wants his daughter, Indira (Indah Permatasari), to get married soon because he doesn’t want her to be lonely like him. Indira is an independent woman and does not feel there is an interest in getting married. Meanwhile, Dion (Kevin Julio), Indira’s past, a consultant of nature conservation who has a project in Lombok, must return to Jakarta to take care of the administration of his work. Dion and Indira are reunited in th …

Layangan Putus (2021–) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Layangan Putus (2021–) • TVSeries

Sinopsis: Aris and Kinan live a joyous marriage life, so gleeful; that no outsider would even believe if someone were to tell them that Aris is having an ongoing infidelity with a mistress he kept secret from the world. With the truth slowly unraveling, would Kinan’s marriage face an uncertain future of being a detached kite; lost from the handlers in the strong wind?

Arini by Love inc (2022) • Movie

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Arini by Love.inc (2022) • Movie

Sinopsis: Arini (Della Dartyan), an agent of the technology company Love.inc, wants to pursue her own happiness by finding someone from her past. But unfortunately, Love.inc’s system keeps getting in the way. Memories in the past are always deleted by the system. Because of this, Arini seems to be trapped in a met averse life. In this case, she has difficulty distinguishing what is real and what is virtual. Arini actually meets Tiara (Kelly Tandiono) who g …

Kuyang the Movie (2021) • Movie

image poster from imdb - ​BLACKPINK: The Movie (2021)

Sinopsis: Kuyang is a nocturnal female spirit in the form of a human head with the contents of the body attached without skin and limbs that can fly looking for the blood of a baby or the blood of a woman who has given birth. This creature is known to the public in Kalimantan. In a village in Kalimantan, a husband and wife whose wife is 7 months pregnant has just moved to the area to start a new life. Everything went normal at first until they were haunted by Kuyang who wanted to take the baby. Will they be able to face the Kuyang or will they even lose the baby.