All of Us Are Dead (2022) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb - Jigeum Uri Hakgyoneun (2022–) • TVSeries

Sinopsis: A striking glimpse of the intense battle between students-turned-zombies and survivors desperate to escape. It opens with a student in the school lab, inviting the audience to find out more about the virus that creates total chaos. The horrific visuals of students infected by the mysterious zombie virus and stunning action set in different parts of the school are also a must-watch. Trapped in a virus-ridden school with no cellphones, no food, and …

Rating: ️8.8 10 IMDb
Genres: #Action 🎭 #Drama ✨ #Fantasy #Horror 🤖 #Sci_Fi #Thriller
Country: #South_Korea
Language: #Korean

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