Estet 2010 1080p HDTV 3.2GB

Synopsis: Estet” is Mamat Khalid’s first feature under his new production company, after winning Best Director at the Malaysian Film Festival for “Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang”. With Kollywood elements fused with local flavour, we follow the lives of colourful characters at a rubber estate who are facing a corrupt proprietor. Starring Farid Kamil, Jasmine Michael, Shashi Tharan, Soffi Jikan, David Arumugam and Rosyam Nor.

Magika 2010 1080p HDTV 3.5GB

Synopsis: “Magika”, Malaysia’s first musical feature film, tells the tale of two siblings Malik and Ayu as they embark on a journey in a surreal mythical world, where trees, animals and all flora & fauna converse… where good & bad are portrayed in a muted, non-violent manner. Their fairytale adventure takes us through popular Malay legends and myths, encountering numerous characters from Malay folklore such as Orang Bunian, Nenek Kebayan, Jin, Badang, Naga Tasik Chini, Hang Tuah and others… and last but not least, where Ayu and Malik discover the importance of family to overcome their fears in the mysterious, magical and musical world of “Magika”