Uang Panai’ Maha(r)l (2016) • Movie

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image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Uang Panai' Maha(r)l (2016) • Movie

Uang Panai’ Maha(r)l is a movie starring Abu, Muh. Zoel Ikram, and Nurfadhillah. Anca (Ikram Noer) just returned from overseas. He was reunited with his ex-girlfriend Risna (Nur Fadillah) and intends to marry her. But Anca’s…

Rating: ​​1h59min ️6.6 IMDB
Director: Halim Gani Safia Asril Sani
Actors: Abu, Muh. Zoel Ikram, Nurfadhillah, Tumming
Genres: 🤣 Comedy, 🎭 Drama, 💕 Romance

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