​All About Lily Chou Chou (2001) • Movie

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​All About Lily Chou Chou (2001)

Life isn’t easy for a group of high school kids growing up absorbed in Japan’s pervasive pop/cyberculture. As they negotiate teen badlands- school bullies, parents from another planet, lurid snapshots of sex and …

Golden Escape (2022) • Movie

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - Wong gam dai to yuk (2022) • Movie

Sinopsis: Ah Zheng is a small film scriptwriter. He found a treasure map among his grandfather’s belongings by accident, and the location of the treasure is underneath the prison in Chilang Bay. In order to use this wealth to change his fate, he enters the prison with a detailed plan and knowingly breaks the law to serve his sentence, hoping to get 20 million dollars worth of gold bars by himself and then get out. Entering the prison, he was able to trick the authorities, but not the personnel. On the one hand, he is oppressed by the prison bully “Big Biao,” on the other hand, he has the righteous person “Xie” to his excessive care, resulting in the “gold plan” to be accidentally leaked. Ah Zheng has to escape from prison. When he is about to break out of prison successfully, Ah Zheng awakens to his wrongdoing and then hangs back, and the three of them are finally sanctioned by the law.