The Evidence Tells 2023 • TvSeries

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Genius female forensic physician Gu Yu sneaked into a mental nursing home to carry out a disguised investigation mission. Unexpectedly, her undercover plan was sabotaged by a murder case, and she was almost falsely accused of being the culprit. As a result, Gu Yu met female criminal officer Bai Lu. The two have incompatible personalities and vastly different lifestyle habits, but this magical combination has repeatedly solved strange cases. They have developed a deep friendship from mutual restraint to mutual empowerment. During a criminal case solved by Gu Yu and Bai Lu, they unexpectedly discovered the whereabouts of their missing Gu Yu brother. And the disappearance of Gu Yu’s brother is closely related to the martyrdom of Bai Lu’s boyfriend, all of which point to overseas drug production groups. The fate of the two is tightly connected by the person they deeply love, and they share a common goal – to find the source of all evil. They firmly believe that beneath the traces, there must be truth.

Paper Soldiers 2002 • Movie

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Paper Soldiers follows an overeager rookie burglar named Shawn (Kevin Hart) through the ups and downs of his short, stressful career. Already on parole but faced with the power being turned off and his child forced to eat nothing but cereal, Shawn convinces an older thief Will (Derrick “Capone” Lee) to train him. He soon finds himself caught between his angry girlfriend Mo’Nique (Tiffany Withers), his incompetent would-be-criminal friends Birdie (Derron “Smokey” Edington) & Johnny (Paul Sado), his parole officer (Angie Martinez) and his neighborhood sociopath with a hair-trigger temper Stu (Beanie Sigel).