The Evidence Tells 2023 • TvSeries

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Genius female forensic physician Gu Yu sneaked into a mental nursing home to carry out a disguised investigation mission. Unexpectedly, her undercover plan was sabotaged by a murder case, and she was almost falsely accused of being the culprit. As a result, Gu Yu met female criminal officer Bai Lu. The two have incompatible personalities and vastly different lifestyle habits, but this magical combination has repeatedly solved strange cases. They have developed a deep friendship from mutual restraint to mutual empowerment. During a criminal case solved by Gu Yu and Bai Lu, they unexpectedly discovered the whereabouts of their missing Gu Yu brother. And the disappearance of Gu Yu’s brother is closely related to the martyrdom of Bai Lu’s boyfriend, all of which point to overseas drug production groups. The fate of the two is tightly connected by the person they deeply love, and they share a common goal – to find the source of all evil. They firmly believe that beneath the traces, there must be truth.

Oh! My Lady 2010 • TvSeries

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Series Outline: Sung Min Woo is the top male star in Korea due to his good looks and singing talent. Ambitious, he moved into TV dramas which he helps with his star power and hinders with his terrible acting. He also has an exploitative, unethical manager. Yoon Gae Hwa is a housewife divorced from a rich husband who needs to earn enough money to keep her daughter in her custody while her ex-husband’s new wife doesn’t want the daughter of a previous wife around. Gae Hwa’s sole prior work experience is 6 months as a reporter for a weekly scandal rag. Her first jobs shown in the series are unsuccessful but include 1 day as housekeeper for Sung Min Woo where a babysitting emergency forces her to leave early, infuriating Sung Min Woo. Shortly afterwards, she finds another job at a musical production company, learns a secret about Sung Min Woo, and convinces him to work on the agency’s musical, and becomes Min Woo’s handler for that agency as it prepares to put on a musical starring Min Woo (if he ever improves as an actor). Handling Min Woo is no easy task due to their mutual antagonism, spurred by Min Woo’s immaturity. Min Woo grows up as he faces the challenges of caring for his unexpected 5-year-old daughter Ye Eun, the result of an affair several years earlier, and by Gae Hwa’s example in caring for the otherwise unprotected Ye Eun. Min Woo gains maturity very quickly as he learns to accept and love his daughter and becomes something unexpected – a good actor. The romance also ends satisfyingly – but I’m not telling that part of the ending.

Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong 2007 • TvSeries

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Phuwanai is the only son of Dr.Phutas, a geologist. He worked as a photographer for a feature magazine in USA. After being away from Thailand for so long, he goes back for a vacation. He vacations in Krabi and borrows a boat to go out to the sea for squid fishing at night. Ravinna, is a famous model. She comes to see her mother who called her to see her in the yacht in the sea. Ravinna doesn’t know that her mother sold her to a man Buang Suang because she wants the money for gambling. In the yacht, BuangSuang tries to rape Ravinna but she jumps into the sea to get away from him. She swims and sees Phuwanai’s boat, so she tries to get in to his boat, and it ends up collapsing, leaving them both stranded in the middle of the ocean. They both float to a deserted island and try to figure out how to get back home all the while fighting and bickering with each other.

Lecturerku, Oppa! 2023 • TvSeries

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Jung-Hyun Hwang is a lecturer in Tourism Management Faculty at the local University located in the capital. He is a Korean who speaks Bahasa Melayu. Despite his good look and admire by many students at the campus, he only set his eyes for one student, a Malay girl named Sara. And when Sara was assigned to do a project on Korea, Hyun insist on helping her so that they can spend time together. Sara was very resistant in the beginning but she slowly fell in love during one of their campus trip. Nevertheless, a relationship between a student and a lecturer is never easy. In the end, Hyun embraced Islam and took the new name Daniel Abdullah. Going through his new journey with Sara, the one he loves. But first he must conquer 2 things : FASTING and CIRCUMCISION.

Ellyas Pical 2024 • TvSeries

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Ellyas Pical is a former boxer born in Saparua, Maluku, on March 24 1960. Ellyas has succeeded in becoming one of the legends of Indonesian boxing because of the series of brilliant achievements he has achieved. Ellyas won the IBF world title in bantamweight in 1985 and became the first Indonesian boxer to win the world title. Throughout his career, Ellyas Pical has competed against world-class boxers and successfully defended his title five times.