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Urban romantic drama Happily Ever After? depicts six leading characters – middle-aged nobody Poon Sin-yan (Him Law); perfect wife Cheung Ming-sum (Yoyo Chen); charming guy Kam Shing-kwan (Chris Lai); gold digger Lui Ching-lam (Winki Lai); helpless and hopeless romantic Lui Ching-hoi (Venus Wong); and kidult-cum-dating app player Ching Tin-fai (Joey Law) – in a polyamorous relationship love story. And the four chapters are: Divorce, Infidelity, Misplaced Love and Repair. Each episode’s subject corresponds to the related chapter. And the narration is based on the visual perspective of one or two leading characters so as to show different versions of the plot line. Emphasis is placed on those who are preoccupied by switching between narrator, visual perspective and time and space. Moreover, conflict and suspense in the story reflect certain issues in romantic partnerships in real life.