Damia (2018) • Movie

Damia 2018 • Movie

Sinopsis: A horror story involving Reza and his cursed life, orchestrated seemingly by a doll possessed by an evil spirit, Putri controlled by her brother, Putra. Although seemed normal, Reza has been living with supernatural occurrences that defined his life and has deadly effect on the people he loved. Until, he met Damia who possesses the characteristics of his dream girl. Their love blossomed but Damia has a dark past that will reveal a disturbing secret about Reza and his doll, a vengeance that started from his own family’s lineage.

Kuyang the Movie (2021) • Movie

image poster from imdb - ​BLACKPINK: The Movie (2021)

Sinopsis: Kuyang is a nocturnal female spirit in the form of a human head with the contents of the body attached without skin and limbs that can fly looking for the blood of a baby or the blood of a woman who has given birth. This creature is known to the public in Kalimantan. In a village in Kalimantan, a husband and wife whose wife is 7 months pregnant has just moved to the area to start a new life. Everything went normal at first until they were haunted by Kuyang who wanted to take the baby. Will they be able to face the Kuyang or will they even lose the baby.