​Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023)

Han Yi Joo is a painter, who was adopted by Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye. Her father runs Hanwool Financial Group. Yet, Han Yi Joo was not loved by her parents or her younger sister Han Yoo Ra. She was always …

​Romance of a Twin Flower (2023) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Romance of a Twin Flower (2023)

A quirky genius girl named Ji Man loses her memory through an accident, and inexplicably replaced her twin sister and entered the Hou Manor. With her outstanding wits and business acumen, she managed to resolve …

​Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant (2020) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant (2020)

After falling hard for a man who she believed would love her for all eternity, Ga Doo Ri’s outlook on life and love couldn’t have been more rosy. But when the man of her dreams leaves her with nothing but a …

​Payback: Money and Power (2023) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Payback: Money and Power (2023)

“Payback” follows the revenge story of a group of people—including Eun Yong, a money trader—who refuses to remain silent in the face of unjust authorities and fight against a cartel conspiring with the la…

​Lighter & Princess (2022) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Lighter & Princess (2022)

Li Xun is a cool and calculating computer programming ace who gained special admission to college. To others, he can sometimes seem aloof and distant, but this is mainly down to his worldview: He sees life as one great big computer program, and only feels comfortable when he is in control of what is going on. He knows nothing of love – considering it to be an emotion that may be beyond his understanding. Zhu Yun, meanwhile, is a clean-living and innocent young woman who has just begun her college life after doing everything her parents and society expected of her to the best of her ability. When she meets Li Xun, she feels conflicted. She worries that he is a disruptive influence and a possible troublemaker, but still feels somehow drawn to him. Although they seem to butt heads at first, they start to begin cherishing their time together. But when a life-altering incident threatens to separate them – just as romance was starting to brew – their affection is about to undergo the ultimate test!

​Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (2021) • TVSeries

image poster from imdb, mydramalist - ​Oh! My Boss! Koi wa Bessatsu de (2021)

Nami Suzuki was born and raised in a small rural town. She doesn’t have a specific dream to pursue and she is an easy going person. As an ordinary woman, she desires to be happy with an ordinary life. She follows…